Ex-Antoinette Chef Closes Pang’s Hakka Noodles on August 31, 2022


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In July 2020, Hakka Pang, aka Chef Pang Kok Keong, opened Pang’s Hakka Noodles, a stall serving Hakka noodles and side dishes such as fried wings and stuffed tofu soup.

Pang’s Hakka Noodles started shortly after the closure of Pang’s patisserie, Antoinette, in June 2020.

After nearly two years of operation, Pang announced the end of the chapter for Pang’s Hakka Noodles via an Instagram post on August 1.

In the post, the chef shared that the ARC 380 outlet of Pang’s Hakka Noodles has closed.

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Meanwhile, the remaining outlet at Sprout Hub will operate until August 31, 2022.

“We would like to take this opportunity to thank all of you who came to eat our noodles or ordered online. We are grateful for all your support over the past 2 years from Tekka to Sprout Hub and ARC 380.”

The post added that they will share a new location once it is “determined”.

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In an interview with 8 daysPang said he is currently looking for a new location to reopen the noodle shed.

Curry rice concept

In a series of Instagram stories, Pang has hinted that a new concept called Supercurry is “coming soon.”

The Supercurry logo is similar to the logo of the popular streetwear brand Supreme.

Screenshot of @chef_pang on Instagram.

8 days reported that the curry rice concept will open in a coffee shop in Telok Ayer.

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Top image of @chef_pang on Instagram.

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