Ex-Citizen TV Employee: How I lost Ksh 2.7 million to colleagues


American journalist, screenwriter and author of “The Godfather” Mario Puzo once said that friendship and money are like oil and water.

In the case of a certain George Wilson Ngugi, a former employee of Royal Media Services (RMS), his experience with his friends is a memory he will remember.

Talk to TBEN.co.keNgugi said he considered the colleagues to be his family as they had built a close relationship over time that extended beyond official duties.

An undated image of Wilson Ngugi posing for a photo.

Wilson Ngugi / Facebook

“In 2014, I was running a media company called Wingu Communications Limited located in Waumini House, Westlands. We entered into a partnership with colleagues with whom I was a close friend.”

“Due to our close ties, we decided to share the office space as they ran a supplier business. Their main job was to supply materials to various government agencies,” he said.

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At one point, his friends were running out of capital after they struck a lucrative deal to supply materials to a power generation company. Like a good compatriot, Ngugi felt obliged to help them on request.

“We were good friends, like family actually. So, as a good friend and compatriot, I lent them money,” he said.

Days passed before Ngugi noticed the strange behaviors of his friends who had gone off the radar.

“Unfortunately, they left the office without my knowledge and abruptly cut off the communication. After days passed and they didn’t show up at the office, that’s when I realized that I had been ripped off, ”he said.

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A wave of emotion crept into the businessman, vowing not to trust anyone else when it comes to money. He encouraged people to always do due diligence when it comes to money.

“It taught me the value of trust in business. Always treat everyone with caution when it comes to money. Only lend what you are willing to lose and avoid buying dead stocks, especially stocks. machines, ”he advised.

However, a few months later, Ngugi let his guard down after another family member asked him for a loan.

“Yes, a few months after that I was also ripped off for Ksh 1.5 million by a family member. You wonder how brave they were to rip off a member of their own family since you know their background. them? ”he asked.

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Ngugi previously worked at Royal Media Services as Commercial Director from 2008 to 2013, managing commercial executives in the commercial department.

After leaving RMS, he worked at Media Max as a sales manager for two years. In addition to operating Wingu Communications Ltd, Ngugi is also the Managing Director of County Guards, a company that provides security solutions for individuals, homes and institutions. Ngugi is also seeking a parliamentary seat in Tharaka Nithi constituency in the upcoming elections.

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