Ex-employee of Rogue Project Veritas claims to reveal names of undercover agents


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Right-wing activist James O’Keefe and his secretive Project Veritas group have faced many legal troubles over the past year, including FBI raids, a lawsuit defeat and two associates pleading guilty in federal court.

Now O’Keefe and Project Veritas have a new problem: a disgruntled, nonsense-talking former employee and porn performer who has dubbed himself “Jean Jacque the Cock.”

The ex-employee, whose real name is Patrice Thibodeau, has taken to YouTube to reveal what he describes as the organization’s secrets, including the names of O’Keefe’s alleged undercover “sting” agents and the types of hidden cameras the group according to him.

To make matters worse, Thibodeau seems to enjoy his role as O’Keefe’s tormentor.

Ex-Project Veritas staffer claims James O’Keefe’s party guests pooped on the floor

“James is fucking done, bitch,” said Thibodeau, a former Project Veritas videographer who left the organization in 2020, in one of the videos. “I’m laughing my ass off, this is so sad.”

Project Veritas has made efforts to prevent Thibodeau from spreading his alleged secrets. On November 7, the group asked the New York Supreme Court for an injunction to prevent Thibodeau from publishing confidential information about his former employer. New York Post.

Project Veritas did not respond to a request for comment. Thibodeau also declined to comment.

After leaving Project Veritas, Thibodeau is now trying to launch a social media, comedy and adult performance career in Florida. Some media outlets have described Thibodeau as a “porn star” in articles about the Project Veritas lawsuit. But the extent of his mature work appears to be a handful of homemade videos of Thibodeau masturbating alone, which he then uploaded to various amateur websites.

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Thibodeau’s videos about Project Veritas have disappeared from YouTube and the lawsuit has tape-edited the details of his revelations. However, in a video obtained by The Daily Beast, Thibodeau revealed the names of people he said worked undercover for Project Veritas, as well as what he described as the group’s methods of carrying out their sting operations on liberal groups.

For example, Thibodeau claims to have been in Washington’s historic Georgetown neighborhood while attractive female Project Veritas operatives attempted to secretly set up dates with federal bureaucrats, a scheme previously reported by The New York Times.

Thibodeau warned his audience that Project Veritas employees could still be looking for targets on Washington’s dating sites.

“If you’re someone who goes on a dating app in DC, you might have a date with a Project Veritas journalist,” Thibodeau said.

Thibodeau also claimed in the video that Project Veritas uses hidden cameras that like buttons or coffee cups supplied by a surveillance manufacturer called LawMate. In its lawsuit against Thibodeau, Project Veritas accused him of violating confidentiality clauses in his employment contract related to “secret devices.”

In the footage, recorded in August, Thibodeau mocks O’Keefe’s group for not making major bombshell videos in 2022. Thibodeau described what he believed to be O’Keefe’s process of running the stitches and feeding the right-wing media content “machine”. ”

“The machine requires him to recruit ‘UCJs’ – undercover journalists – and work for him, and get on Tinder,” Thibodeau said.

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Thibodeau also claimed that the undercover agents are trained to issue what Project Veritas calls “elicitations” to their targets, such as asking questions about Joe Biden, in order to push the unsuspecting to make damaging statements.

In the video, Thibodeau reveals the full names of several women he claims worked undercover for Project Veritas at the stings. The identities of Project Veritas associates could be useful to liberal groups, which have already shared intelligence on O’Keefe’s associates in an effort to avoid future covert stabbings.

The Daily Beast could not independently confirm Thibodeau’s descriptions of the Project Veritas employees. But the organization itself seemed to acknowledge that at least some of the names revealed by Thibodeau are real, describing the names in its video as “highly confidential trade secrets” in its lawsuit.

Thibodeau made his videos in August in the wake of a lawsuit filed against Project Veritas by another former employee named Antoinetta Zapper. That complaint portrayed Project Veritas as a raucous, drug-driven, sexually charged workplace.

Among other things, Zappier alleged that a person overdosed on drugs during a party at the group’s corporate apartment, that a Project Veritas fundraiser got a “underling” pregnant and paid for her abortion, and that a wild boat party hosted by O’ Keefe culminated in a contestant defecating on the floor. Zappier has also alleged that O’Keefe opened pornography on his office computer on multiple occasions.

Project Veritas has denied Zapper’s allegations.

In his video responding to Zappier’s lawsuit, Thibodeau read an article from The Daily Beast detailing the case against O’Keefe and supported Zappier’s descriptions of Project Veritas as a hard-partying workplace. Thibodeau was also enthusiastic about O’Keefe’s predicament, saying “Antoinetta has him by the balls.”

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Thibodeau appeared to be sharpening axes against other former Project Veritas employees in his attacks on the group. Thibodeau, who has transformed himself into a stand-up comedian reminiscent of a morning zoo shock jock, made crude, misogynistic remarks about female Project Veritas employees and their physical features in at least one of the videos.

His ex-employee’s vendetta marks just the latest legal trouble for O’Keefe, whose home was raided by the FBI last year as part of an investigation into the theft of presidential daughter Ashley Biden’s diary.

In August, two people who admitted to stealing the diary pleaded guilty as part of the federal investigation. Project Veritas has insisted that its reporting methods are all legal.

Thibodeau has also faced other legal issues of his own. In November 2021, he was arrested after allegedly cracking the windshield of a Mercedes-Benz with a rock and resisting arrest after police caught him. That felony case remains open in Florida, with a warrant for his arrest after he failed to appear in court earlier this year.

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