Exclusive: Russia moves missiles from Saint Petersburg to Ukraine


St Petersburg Air Defense

– Saint Petersburg is protected by four anti-aircraft missile regiments equipped with long-range missiles.

– They are designed to counter aircraft, cruise missiles and intermediate-range ballistic missiles.

– The regiments contain a total of 14 batteries, which are placed in a circle around outside the city.

– In practice, this means that there are more than 100 mobile shooting platforms in total. Each of them has four ready-made missiles, or about 450 missiles.

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– The headquarters and barracks of the anti-aircraft missile regiments are permanent, as are the locations of the batteries. Batteries manned by one regiment are usually several kilometers or even tens of kilometers apart.

– The anti-aircraft missile regiments are part of the Russian Aerospace Forces (VKS).

– In addition, there is an army anti-aircraft missile brigade with Buk-M2 systems near the Saint Petersburg ring road on the southern coast of the Gulf of Finland. Yle has not determined whether there have been any changes at this location.

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