Expedia CEO: ‘Business travel is back’ as I predicted all along during the Covid pandemic


Expedia CEO Peter Kern told TBEN on Monday that business travelers have returned. During the dark times of the Covid pandemic in late 2020, he predicted they would make a comeback and that day has arrived.

“You’re here in Seattle. And I’m traveling all the time. So I think business travel is back. I’ve said from the start that business travel would be back. We’ll see it all over,” Kern said, speaking to Jim Cramer, who was in Expedia’s hometown for “Mad Money.”

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Fast forward to today and it is, Kern said. “People travel like crazy. If you’ve been to an airport, you know that. Everyone is complaining about it. It’s too busy, too few staff.”

Last year, Expedia agreed to sell its business travel business to American Express Global Business Travel. As part of the deal, Expedia became a shareholder in Amex GBT and entered into a long-term strategic partnership.

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Kern’s company also operates the Expedia service of the same name and other services in the travel industry, including Hotels.com, Hotwire, Travelocity and Orbitz. The company is also behind Vrbo, short for owner-occupied vacation rental. It competes with Airbnb.

With all those brands under one roof, Kern and Expedia certainly have their finger on the pulse of the travel industry. The CEO said that travel is booming. “There hasn’t been any talk of it all summer and it’s still going strong in September. There doesn’t seem to be much of it,” he said.

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