Exporting vaccines to keep national needs in mind: Ministry of Foreign Affairs


India is one of the largest drug manufacturers in the world (representation)

New Delhi:

Claiming that India has not imposed any export bans on coronavirus vaccines, the Foreign Ministry said on Thursday that the supply of Indian-made vaccines to overseas will continue to keep domestic requirements in mind. from the country.

The MEA’s claim comes amid an ongoing debate over the export of vaccines, with some states reporting a “shortage” of doses and the Center claiming that sufficient quantities of vaccine have been allocated to all states and that many of them could not immunize. all eligible beneficiaries.

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Asked about the state of exports of vaccines made in India and whether national appeals reporting vaccine shortages could impact overseas supply, Foreign Ministry spokesman Arindam Bagchi said : “We have always said that the sourcing of Indian-made vaccines from overseas continue to accommodate our domestic requirements. “

“Let me repeat that there is no ban on the export of vaccines. In fact, our department’s website is regularly updated to reflect the supply of vaccines that occurs on an ongoing basis. periodic, ”he said.

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On a question regarding AstraZeneca sending a notice to the Serum Institute of India for non-compliance with its international commitment under “GAVI” and “COVAX”, Mr. Bagchi said: “Regarding the problem specific to Serum institute, I will refers to the company itself, they would be in the best position to answer that question. “

On the issue of purchases of raw materials from the United States for the manufacture of vaccines, the spokesperson for the MEA recalled that Foreign Secretary Harsh Vardhan Shringla had informed during a press briefing that the issue had been discussed. with the United States.

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India is one of the largest drug makers in the world and several countries have already contacted it for their coronavirus vaccines.



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