“Extraordinary degree of interoperability”: exercise Navy On Malabar


New Delhi:

Seen as the coming together of four navies against China’s growing hegemonic tendencies in the oceans, a senior Indian Navy commander said on Saturday that the Malabar-2020 wargames had shown an “extraordinary degree of interoperability” between the four participating forces. .

The 24th Malabar Series of Multilateral Naval Exercises wrapped up yesterday in the Arabian Sea with the participation of navies from India, America, Japan and Australia.

Elaborating on the unique characteristics of wargames, Rear Admiral Krishna Swaminathan, Flag Officer Commanding the Western Fleet, said: “Malabar 2020 was the 24th edition of the Malabar series of multilateral naval exercises in which the Indian Navy participated.”

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He added, “While there are many unique aspects of this particular edition, three have proven to be extraordinary. First, it was stated for the first time that the exercise was conducted in two phases. The first in the Bay of Bengal and the second in the Arabian Sea. Thus, by locating the exercise in the two seaports of the Indian peninsula for the first time. Second, he saw the participation of all four possible member navies – the US Navy, the Japanese Maritime Self-Defense Force, the Royal Australian Navy and the Indian Navy. Thus, making the quorum full for the first time after a long interruption. Third, it’s about the extraordinary degree of what we call intraoperability between the forces of different nations. “

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“Exercise #Malabar was a resounding success. I thank the Indian Navy for their warm hospitality and for their planning, leadership and execution of Exercise Malabar,” said Antony Pisani, commander of HMAS Ballarat of the Royal Australian Navy, in a tweet.


Calling the Malabar exercise a success, Rear Admiral James A Kirk, commander of CSG-11 (Nimitz Group), said in his video message that the US, Indian, Japanese and Australian navies have proven “the ability to ‘operate together across a wide range of missions’.

“Malabar 2020 has been a success. US and Indian naval forces alongside Japanese and Australian partners have proven their ability to operate together in a wide range of missions … US and Indian maritime patrol planes have integrated with our ships and planes, demonstrating our ability to hunt submarines and perform live fire. During this 24th Malabar exercise, our Marines reached an impressive level of inoperability. As democracies, we share values, ”he said.

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Meanwhile, the Indian Navy tweeted: “Transparent coordination and rapid execution of complex exercises has further enhanced the synergy and mutual understanding between the 4 Marines in joint #MaritimeSecurity operations and will go a long way in enhancing their already close strategic # partnership.



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