F1: Red Bull angry over engine development freeze vote delayed again


Red Bull need to know their fate as soon as possible, but Marko has admitted it could be a delaying tactic on the part of his rivals.

Honda decided to quit F1 in September 2020
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Honda decided to quit F1 in September 2020

Red Bull’s Helmut Marko has revealed his dissatisfaction with another delay for a meeting that would have tabled the idea of ​​an engine development freeze at the end of the 2021 season. This meeting has been postponed until February 11, 2021. ”L The deal we had on Friday suddenly disappeared on Monday. There are now more discussions and negotiations, ” Marko told Motorsport-magazin.com expressing his anguish at the situation.


Many believe if Red Bull gets a good powertrain they can take on Mercedes

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The engine freeze is essential to Red Bull’s plans and its potential future in F1. Following Honda’s exit as an engine supplier, Red Bull and its sister team AlphaTauri are without a factory engine partner.

Red Bull lobbied for control of the intellectual property created by Honda. Honda is set to launch an all-new engine for the 2021 season, which could potentially close the gap with Mercedes, which has the class-leading engine in F1.

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Red Bull also has a tentative deal with Honda for the same, but it doesn’t have the resources to further develop the powertrain like manufacturers like Ferrari, Mercedes and Renault.



Red Bull also want to secure a good deal as this will ensure that Verstappen never leaves the team.

Red Bull has lobbied the idea of ​​an engine development freeze, but Ferrari is only open to the idea if there is a catch-up mechanism for a manufacturer in case it falls far behind like he did so in 2020 and would have the next one offered. – the generation engine has advanced. Renault is against the idea of ​​the engine freeze, while Mercedes is open to the idea.

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Red Bull need to know their fate as soon as possible, but Marko admitted it could be a delaying tactic from rivals who would benefit from a delay while Red Bull is stranded.


“This thought is not wrong,” said the Austrian, a close confidant of the founder of Red Bull.

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