F1: Red Bull’s Honda engine updated at Belgian GP


This energy tank is lighter and more efficient when it comes to the battery which gives Red Bull a nice head start over Mercedes

Verstappen's F1 car has received an engine update that will help it against Hamilton

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Verstappen’s F1 car has received an engine update that will help it against Hamilton

Red Bull and Honda have revealed that Max Verstappen has used a new energy store since the Belgian GP, ​​something that was secretly rolled out by Mercedes, which may have been the reason why Red Bull was so close to Mercedes. in Monza. Like Ferrari, Honda, despite the introduction of a new engine, did not roll out all the homologation elements of the engine in one go. Honda revealed that the energy store was something he had been working on since 2015 and that the plan was to introduce it for the 2022 engine update which would not have the Honda brand, however, he decided to ‘advance the update to help Max Verstappen beat Lewis Hamilton.

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This new SE was developed as part of a project that spanned several years, with the aim of combining energy efficiency improvements with significant weight reductions. In what will be the company’s final season in sports, Honda F1 managed to present the new ES – equipped with a lighter, low-resistance, highly efficient and ultra-high battery cell – just in time for the start of the second half of the season, ” Honda development manager Yasuaki Asaki said in Honda’s post.


Max Verstappen received the new energy store at the Belgian GP

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“In order to achieve the ultimate goal of defeating Mercedes and winning the championship before leaving F1 at the end of the 2021 season, we recognized the need to improve performance. As such, the development plan for the new ES has been significantly advanced from the initial 2022 target to the introduction during the 2021 season, ”Asaki concluded.

This energy tank has been revealed to be lighter in weight and more battery efficient, giving Red Bull a big head start over Mercedes. Mercedes still has the most powerful engine, but it looks like Honda has narrowed the gap even further.

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Outside of Honda, even Ferrari is going to have an engine update soon that could add up to 15bhp of power, which would more or less eliminate the gap between its engine and Honda and Mercedes.

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