Facebook sees an increase in violent speeches around inauguration day


TThe US president has been banned from YouTube for the next seven days, following unlimited bans on Facebook and YouTube, Margi Murphy reports.

The Google-owned video streaming website had come under pressure to ban Mr. Trump after Facebook said it would suspend his account “indefinitely” and Twitter “permanently” after violating both companies’ policies against incitement. violence for cheering on the mob that stormed the Capitol. building last week. Celebrities such as Sacha Baron Cohen and Amy Schumer have stepped up the #BanTrumpSaveDemocracy campaign to get YouTube to dismantle Trump’s account.

Like most tech giants, YouTube insisted the decision was made under its own rules, in this case, YouTube’s “long-standing strike system”, rather than admitting a clue that the rules can be set on the fly. Trump received a third warning strike and was suspended.

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A YouTube spokesperson also tweeted that the decision was made “in light of lingering concerns about the potential for violence.”

YouTube removed a video of the president violating his relatively new policy of election disinformation, introduced on December 9, which includes videos claiming the election was rigged.

This week, he also deleted a podcast channel from Steve Bannon and a video from Rudy Giuliani, who repeatedly used his YouTube channel to claim electoral fraud.

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But the social network was the last to act compared to its peers, and has been criticized repeatedly for a large number of far-right figures who have made themselves known on the site.

A YouTube spokesperson also pointed to a statement by German Chancellor Angela Merkel, who called Donald Trump’s bans “problematic.”