Fact Check: Weekend Lockdown in Haryana? Know the truth behind the viral message


Amid the unprecedented increase in COVID-19 cases, various state governments have imposed curfews and partial lockdowns to contain the spread of the virus.

Recently, a government order in Haryana took to social media platforms, saying a weekend lockdown would be imposed in the state. This created a lot of panic and confusion among the people of Haryana.

On Friday, April 16, the head of the Department of Information, Public Relations and Languages, Haryana, took to Twitter to provide clarification on the weekend’s lockdown.

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According to the ministry, the current order of movement is absolutely false and there will be no imposition of weekend lockdowns in Haryana.

“A fake post about imposing the lockdown over the weekend in Haryana was broadcast in some social media posts. This should be completely ignored. The state will take criminal and punitive measures against the perpetrators: a government official, ”the ministry wrote in its tweet.

Lately, there are a lot of fake messages about lockdowns and curfews being sent on social media platforms. It is advisable to always rely on information from verified sources, as false transfers can only lead to chaos and panic among people.

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Meanwhile, officials in Gurgaon have said there are no plans to impose a weekend lockdown in the city.

“For the moment, only the night curfew is imposed. If things get even worse and the government thinks it’s okay, then we could go for a weekend lockdown, but as of yet there is no plan for that, ”said Yash Garg. , deputy commissioner and magistrate of the district of Gurgaon, saying by The Bharat Express News.

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“The situation is dynamic, in Haryana, the orders came directly from the National Disaster Management Authority, so if the government thinks it’s okay, it could be there but yesterday when we had a video conference with the minister in chief, there were no such plans, ”he added.