Fake Adderall pills laced with meth seized in Rhode Island


CUMBERLAND, RI — Last March, federal drug agents secretly watched as their confidential source met with his supplier of counterfeit Adderall pills, who then arranged for 10,000 orange tablets to be laced with methamphetamine powder.

Days after the drug purchase, court documents say, federal authorities searched the home of 27-year-old Dylan Rodas in Cumberland and another location, discovering in the basement a pill mill of “staggering” proportions — with possible ties to a Mexican cartel.

In all, officers seized about 660,500 counterfeit Adderall pills weighing about 660 pounds — as much as a V8 car engine, Rhode Island U.S. attorney Zachary A. Cunha said on Monday.

Rodas, who has been incarcerated since March 28, agreed to plead guilty to drug trafficking charges in a case that is still under investigation, Cunha said.

“We think this is the largest seizure of fake Adderall pills in the United States,” he said, “and also one of the largest seizures of methamphetamine” in New England history.

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The charge of possession with intent to distribute 500 grams or more of the highly addictive methamphetamine carries a mandatory minimum sentence of 10 years in prison.

“The prosecution we are announcing today, involving the seizure of what I can only call industrial amounts of meth, is a stark reminder that we should not be complacent,” Cunha said. “We can’t treat meth as a problem elsewhere.”


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