Families mourn gruesome deaths as SA prepares to observe 16 days of activism


By Lethu Nxumalo 57 min ago

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Durban – As the country prepares to observe 16 Days of No Violence Against Women and Children activism, the recent dismemberment and murder of three KZN women has reminded us that the fight against gender-based violence is far from over. be completed.

Last week on Sunday, the body of a 19-year-old woman with a torn heart, intestines strewn around her, the liver placed over her head, her eyes gutted and her head nearly decapitated was found lying face down against the ground on a path in Woody Glen.

Sinegugu Linda left home two weeks ago and was visiting her boyfriend when she was found dead.

A few miles from the Linda family home, Busiswa Hlongwane mourned the death of her 33-year-old daughter, Bongiwe Hlongwane, who was stabbed, gagged and whose private parts were severed earlier this month.

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Another family in the Woody Glen area were waiting to bury their daughter, Nomvuselelo Ngcobo, 31, who was found burnt beyond recognition last month and who was being held at the Pinetown Mortuary until the police finalize the TBEN tests.

Linda’s mother, Londiwe (Linda), said her daughter, who was pregnant, visited her days before she was found dead. She said she noticed a stab wound on her daughter’s hand and when asked about it she was told her boyfriend had stabbed her.

Londiwe said on Sunday morning that five people came to her home and that she immediately suspected something had happened to her daughter.

“They told me that my daughter was murdered and that I should bring a shovel and garbage bags. I was so shocked because when a person died a blanket was put on them, but they were asking me to bring plastic bags, ”she said. “When we got there she was already covered and I couldn’t bring myself to see her. She was slaughtered and we still don’t know why.

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Londiwe said she suspected her daughter was killed elsewhere and then dumped in the path.

“I want justice for her and I want to know why it was done to her. I know it won’t bring her back but someone has to be arrested for it.

Busiswa said her daughter Bongiwe left behind three children. She said the person who mutilated her daughter’s private parts showed her deep hatred.

“We found her lying on her back bare, her face covered and her legs wide open. She also had stab wounds in the lower back. No one can tell me what happened, ”she said. “I am worried about her children and we are deeply hurt by that.”

Ngcobo’s sister, Zanele (Ngcobo), said her family were still in shock and all the family wanted was to bury Ngcobo and let her rest in peace.

We don’t get help from the police, but the investigator keeps telling us to wait, but it’s been a month. “

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Mary Makgaba, chief executive of People Opposing Women Abuse, said alarming incidents of gender-based violence, particularly femicide, were concerning. She said ritual killings are emerging and vulnerable groups are at a higher risk of becoming victims.

“The South African justice system gives more rights to defendants than victims. Patriarchal attitudes cause men to devalue and disrespect women. As women we are all afraid of our lives, we feel hopeless and helpless and have nowhere to run, ”Makgaba said.

Tina Thiart, co-founder and administrator of 1000 Women, a nonprofit that raises awareness and organizes safe spaces for women, said boys need to be educated.

“Our daughters are more likely to be raped than to learn to read. Stinkingly, from babies and children to young girls and elderly women, all women are the targets of rape, abuse and murder. Something has to be done. “

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