Family tells how Ksh500 NHIF contribution saves them Ksh172K monthly


A family with a diabetic saves up to Ksh172,000 each month on dialysis and treatment thanks to their monthly contribution of Ksh500 to the National Health Insurance Fund (NHIF).

In a post shared on her Facebook page, Judy Karanja, a faith and family relationship coach, shared the experience of a family whose diabetic relatives’ hospital bills are covered by national health insurance.

“Having dialysis twice a week alone costs around Ksh180,000. This does not include physiotherapy three times a week, medicines, doctor appointments or emergencies,” Karanja wrote on her Facebook page.

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Patients queue to access medical services.


She went on to break down the various expenses the family faces each week as their matriarch has two doctor appointments after seven days.

According to the relative, the ambulance ride to take the patient to hospital due to a recent back complication costs Ksh 22,000 per week one way.

“In a month that is at least Ksh88,000,” writes Karanja.

In addition, the patient has to undergo dialysis twice a week, with each session costing Ksh 9,500, effectively costing the family a minimum of Ksh 76,000 per month.

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“She is given some blood protein (EPO) twice a week to help her reduce the anemia induced by dialysis,” writes Karanja adding that this costs Ksh2,050 per session, which effectively amounts to at least Ksh16,000 per month .

According to the family member, NHIF pays for dialysis, pays for the ambulance, pays for one EPO administration per week, saving the family up to Ksh 172,000 each month.

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This highlights the importance of NHIF to every Kenyan, both in the formal and informal sectors, given its ability to provide coverage to all eligible TBEN.

The minimum amount you can pay for NHIF coverage is Ksh500. Universal Healthcare was one of the pillars of retired President Uhuru Kenyatta, aiming to make medical care accessible and affordable. His successor William Ruto has also outlined plans to reform NHIF and ensure it better serves TBEN.

An image at NHIF's Upperhill, Nairobi County headquarters.

An image at NHIF’s Upperhill, Nairobi County headquarters.