Fans turn on Cody Rhodes, Malakai Black wins again on AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam


Malakai Black vs. Cody Rhodes kicked off the second hour of AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam in New York. It was Rhodes’ first game since Black beat him quickly several weeks ago in Jacksonville, Fla. Brandi Rhodes has returned to corner her husband in this match.

Correspondence notes written in real time:

Black got the upper hand at the start as Rhodes regrouped at ringside. Black did his sitting pose in the ring and Brandi walked in and sat in front of him while giving him a double middle finger.

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Rhodes attempted a third string movement but Black caught him with a knee kick to the arm. Fans seemed to take it out on Rhodes for getting booed and cheering on Black. Black continued with body shots during the commercial break. After the break, Black hit the spinning kick but Rhodes fell out of the ring. Black returned to the ring and black went for the pine tree but Rhodes stepped on the bottom rope.

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Fans booed as Rhodes returned to attack. Rhodes tried the Cross Rhodes but Black broke free and then threw Rhodes through the ring. Rhodes hit Cody Cutter and Cross Rhodes but Black was sent off. Black sent Rhodes to the ropes but collided with Arn Anderson. Rhodes knocked out Black with the pump kick, then went to check on Anderson. Anderson yelled at Rhodes to resume the game and not worry about him.

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Black sprayed mist in his eyes then pinned Cody to win the game.

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