Farmer-pastoralist crisis: VON CEO Okechukwu supports AGF proposal for pastoral commission – TBEN


The Managing Director of Voice of Nigeria and Head of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Mr. Osita Okechukwu endorsed the Hon. Attorney General of the Federation (HAGF) and Minister of Justice, Abubakar Malami SAN, for the creation of a Pastoral Commission as a solution to the crisis of farmers and pastoralists in the country.

Okechukwu, who spoke to reporters in Abuja on Sunday on the controversial pastoralist / farmer crisis praised Malami for his idea to create the nationwide Pastoral Commission, as an antidote to the threat of farmer-pastoralists, who has polarized the country more than any other problem since the end of the civil war in 1970.

According to the boss of VON, the crisis between farmers and herders is a “matter of national security”, threatening the unity of the country and must be contained urgently and nationally, to avoid a possible national suicide.

He argued that the recommendations made by Malami contained pragmatic solutions, capable of dumping the raging threat into the dustbin of history, thereby giving the country a new lease of life.

“May I congratulate Abubakar Malami SAN, the Honorable Attorney General of the Federation (HAGF) for his deep idea to create a pastoral or livestock commission across the country. I think this is a pragmatic, community-oriented solution, aimed at diffusing, cushioning and stopping the unsolvable threat of the farmer-pastoralist crisis in our dear country, ”Okechukwu said.

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“I agree with the HAGF recommendations because it correctly defines the farmer-pastoralist crisis for what it really is: the issue of national security. It is a matter of national security because it has polarized and divided the country more than any other issue since the civil war. He more or less denied all the good works of President Muh Buhari, GCFR and profiled him negatively, ”he added.

Asked whether the federal government should fund ranchers when they are private companies, Okechukwu joked: “In finding answers, we are happy to see that the HAGF recommendations contain pragmatic answers.
The question of the appropriateness of federal funding for ranchers, who are private farmers, has not distorted this solution. Because those asking this question did not notice that the herders had dangerously disturbed the farmers, and on the other hand the farmers were stealing cattle, before we counted countless lives lost and our dear compatriots became polarized. and needlessly with daggers drawn.

He insisted that the farmer-pastoralist crisis is a matter of national security, which has placed our dear homeland in a hanger and therefore, as a matter of urgent national importance, must be contained.

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Okechukwu regretted that the threat encompassed milestones inherited from the Agrarian Revolution, Railroad Revolution and other infrastructure projects from President Buhari.

Recalled that what Malami said is the Pastoral Commission and not the Livestock, he said: “I prefer the Livestock Commission. Please consider the name substitution at the Breeding Commission based on the change in syntax and not in meaning. Because a careful analysis of HAGF’s profound discourse shows that it had moved away from the simple crisis of farmers and pastoralists from purely theoretical perspectives often devoid of reality and of synchronization with the stakeholders in the question of national security.

“I argue that the HAGF proposal is more or less in line with the National Livestock Transformation Plan promulgated in 2018. And a quick glance at the table below shows that we have arable and abundant land throughout. the country. In Niger State, we have 76 363KM², Borno State 70.898KM², Taraba State 54.473KM², Kaduna State 46.053KM² and Bauchi State 45.837KM².

“In the state of Yobe, we have 45,502 km², the state of Zamfara 39,762 km², the state of Adamawa 36,917 km², the state of Kwara 36,825 km², the state of Kebbi 36,800 km² , Benue state 34,059 km², plateau state 30,913 km², Kogi state 29,833 km², Oyo state 28,454 km² State of Nasarawa 27.117KM²

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“Sokoto state has 25,973 km², Katsina state 24,192 km², Jigawa state 23,154 km², Cross River state 20,156 km², Kano state 20,131 km², State of Gombe 18,768 km², State of Edo 17,802 km², State of Delta 17,698 km², State of Ogun 16,762 km² 15,500KM², State of Rivers 11,077KM², State of Bayelsa 10,773KM², Osun State 9.251KM², Federal Capital Territory 7.315KM², Enugu State 7.161KM², Akwa Ibom State 7.081KM², Ekiti State 6.353KM², Abia State 6.320KM², Abia State 6.320KM² , State of Ebonyi State of Imo 5 530KM², State of Anambra 4.844KM² and finally, State of Lagos 3.345KM².

“All we urgently need to do is enact the Livestock Commission as a source of funding and create ranches for cattle, goats, sheep, pigs, etc. Across the country. In the next two years, any cattle roaming the farm will be considered enemies.

“My study shows that it will employ more than two million in the first year, directly and indirectly. It will produce more meat, more milk and earn more money. “


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