Figures show UK distributed more vaccine than the rest of Europe combined


‘We were right to stay out of the EU vaccination program’: Decision to run our own Covid-19 vaccination campaign justified after figures show UK distributed more blows than the rest of Europe combined, told MEPs

  • Figures show UK fourth in the world for the number of vaccines given
  • The only countries ahead of the United Kingdom are Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain
  • While the UK has vaccinated 4.19 per 100 people, the closest EU country is Denmark which has vaccinated 2.02 per 100 people while the UK is at 4.19 per 100 people .
  • Former vaccine czar said decision to go it alone meant UK in ‘forward position’
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The UK’s decision to withdraw from the EU vaccination program has led it to administer more Covid shots than the rest of Europe put together, MEPs heard.

Figures show the UK is fourth in the world for the number of vaccines given to date at 4.19 per 100 people, behind Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.

This compares to 0.21 per 100 people in France, to 0.82 in Germany, with Denmark being the closest EU country with 2.02.

Former vaccine czar Kate Bingham told MPs the decision to go it alone means we are now in an ‘advanced position’ compared to other countries.

She told the Commons public accounts committee that the EU rules would have meant the end of negotiations already underway with AstraZeneca.

Ms Bingham, former chair of the UK Vaccine Taskforce, said: “We felt that the conditions were too stringent and that we would in fact be able to act faster if we did it independently.”

In July, officials chose not to join the EU’s immunization program because it meant having no say in decisions, including pricing or with which manufacturers to negotiate.

Britain has so far made supply deals for seven different vaccines, totaling 367 million doses, for at least £ 3.7 billion.

The vaccine’s deployment in the EU has been hampered by supply chain issues, after the purchase of 300 million doses of Pfizer vaccine.




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