First Alert Weather: Red Alert through early Thursday for rain, wind and possible flooding


Neighborhoods in Nassau County are bracing for possible coastal flooding


It rained intermittently Wednesday evening, but from about 7:30 p.m., it began to rain steadily and heavily along the Long Island coast.

The wind also picked up and affected the tide in Freeport.

No amount of wind or rain in Nassau County can ease the flooding concerns of people who live and work near the coast.

“Nobody likes it,” says Chari Smith, a bartender at The Helm in Freeport.

The back patio and driveway of the bar and restaurant were both flooded last month.

‘We leave early. Everyone has already taken their car away. In the last flood, the owner and her daughter lost their car here,” Smith said.

“We don’t expect major flooding, but you never know,” said Nassau County Executive Bruce Blakeman.

Blakeman is asking people who live near the coast to stay home.

“Stay inside, stay off the roads. If there is an emergency, let the professionals handle it. Call 911,” he said.

While freezing temperatures are not expected, Blakeman says the county is ready to grit and sprinkle the roads if the weather changes unexpectedly.

As for the folks at The Helm? They just hope to avoid a repeat of last time.

“It’s a constant thing to have to watch the tides, make sure your property is okay, your businesses are okay, so yeah, it’s hard,” Smith said.

TBEN’s Tim McNicholas saw some minor flooding on the streets of Nassau County, and it will only get worse as the rain continues.


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