Five things we learned from the double episode premiere of “Hawkeye”


This morning, Disney Plus let us down on not one, but two episodes of Hawkeye, the first Disney Plus appearance of a “core” OG Avenger in any series so far, now that Clint Barton is back. . But this whole project is meant to be a launching pad for Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop, who looks likely to replace Hawkeye on the Avengers now that he’s trying to retire, or lead the Young Avengers team that Marvel appears to be in. putting together.

Through these two episodes, we’ve learned a few things about the MCU, the series itself, and other things. Here is what struck me the most. Obviously, Spoilers follow.

1. The Avengers Tower has been sold – This is a comment Clint makes to Kate about the fact that they can’t go and hide there. At this point Tony Stark is dead, so I guess it makes sense that some of his assets are… redistributed. We saw Stark Industries come out of the tower in Spider-Man: Homecoming, but who owns it now? But it also really makes it clear that there is somehow are not The Avengers right now? Not really. No more Cap, Tony and Natasha. Thor is somewhere in space. Hawkeye is retired. Bruce is still here and about to start dating his cousin for the She-Hulk series, but at the moment the Avengers are mostly reduced to a memento and hit Broadway musical.

2. Clint’s hearing loss – In an effort to shift its focus more towards the comics, the MCU has now given Clint a hearing aid. He’s been asked about it, but we just see a montage of all the times a very human Clint had to endure wild injuries and explosions, and he’s not sure exactly when the hearing loss occurred, specifically.

3. No one even made the connection to Ronin – Clint’s ‘dark time’ was when he became a complete samurai and started slaughtering criminals as Ronin, violence we only really saw on this scale in The Punisher. But all these years later, no one seems to have ever linked him to the vigilante other than the Avengers who knew it, and his wife seems to know it.

4. Comic strip departures –This is in many ways a fairly faithful adaptation of many elements of the popular Fraction / Aja Hawkeye race, but there are quite a few changes. Already in the first two episodes, we’ve seen them having to adjust to the fact that Clint has a family and is more responsible, as opposed to the celibate Clint disaster from the comics. And the introduction of Echo (the woman at the end) came completely out of nowhere, as she wasn’t a Hawkeye character, but a Daredevil character. Disney has already told us that it has its own spin-off, and it’s rumored it could include characters from Netflix Daredevil, and possibly Matt Murdoch himself.

5. Jacques –We turn to comic spoilers here, but it’s clear that an element of the comics will remain the same, and that explains why Jack is so good at wielding the sword. This is because his name is Jacques Duquesne, the wicked “Swordsman”. In the comics, he has a history with Clint when he was younger, but it’s unclear if that’s still intact here. The Swordsman has a slew of crazy adventures over time in the comics, including a romance with… Mantis, of all, but it seems more likely that his role will be limited to what we’ve seen in the comics. Fraction / Aja here.

So that’s what I extracted. Something important that I missed? No sign of Yelena yet …

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