Five trends in bathroom space



Five trends in bathroom space

Whether you’re trying to wake up from your sleepy tendrils the night before or relax after a long, tiring day, a soothing shower in your most private space, the bathroom, can do it all. In fact, for most of us, the bathroom is a space that gives us a comfortable and secure sanctuary, a place where we flush our stress, ease our mood with a catchy song, or relax the muscles with a calming number. , have imaginary arguments and definitely do lots and lots of future projects.

Having a bathroom with traditional charms but premium new-age beauty is like a dream come true. So how do you create that perfect, up-to-date and personalized bathroom space? Here are five ways you can modify or furnish your bathroom with the latest trends, comfort concepts and emotional factors:

* Intergenerational Bathroom Designs: An average Indian family uses shared bathrooms, which means that a bathroom should be fitted with the right products for all ages. From kids inclined to create a water park out of a simple bathing space to elders who prefer to have a safe and secure space, a proper bathroom design would be more than just a piece of modern architecture. It should necessarily include a non-slip surface, a handrail support and showers at ground level in order to have more room for elbows and movement. In addition, bathroom accessories should be safe to use for all ages. Most importantly, all functions should be easy to understand and use so that anyone can get the most out of them effortlessly.

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* Future-proof Fittings: As trends come and go, timeless designs and state-of-the-art fittings transcend those trends and give you a look and feel that will stay fresh for years to come. For example, innovative brands are now creating bathroom accessories with hidden manual and thermostatic solutions. This essentially makes the faucet disappear inside the wall, giving you more space. With such futuristic solutions, your remodeling process will also be hassle-free and cost-effective, while your designs will stay in fashion for a long time!

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* Address different moods with several shower models: A long, relaxing shower doesn’t have to be a heavy water-consuming activity. Just go for a large shower head that offers the same experience but uses less water. Multi-jet shower with different types of jets can meet your different showering needs and moods. For example, whirlpool or mono jet mode for a massaging sensation can complement an intense workout, the wake-up mood can be combined with a powerful rain shower, and evening showers can be associated with an experience. home spa where thousands of tiny droplets with an ultra-delicate texture deeply relax body and mind. Besides the multiple shower modes and patterns, warm lighting effects can also contribute to a pleasant ambience and ease your mood. Glass materials, a layer of bright but calming colors and contrasting tiles can transform your bathroom into a clean, stylish and comfortable retreat.

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* Nature Inspired Bathrooms: Natural surfaces and materials such as pebble floors, wooden sinks, natural stone tiles and wooden platforms give an aesthetic ambience to your bathroom. Currently, wood with a concrete, stone or marble finish is in fashion. Natural materials like wood and stones give an impression of peace and tranquility. It can turn your routine bath into a spa-like experience.

* Go for minimalism, but don’t forget to add your own style statement: Minimalist accessories and fixtures that don’t take up the entire wall can provide visual space, especially in compact bathrooms. Adding lush green plants will purify the air and cleanse your cooling zone. Earthy-toned tiles are the original eye-catcher as they radiate an artistic yet calming aura.

Design your bathroom so that it resonates with your thoughts. After all, a bathroom is your sanctuary, so it needs to have that intimate, personalized connection where you can wash away your worries and refresh your state of mind.