Flexible workspace software company adds insurance agency for homeowners and tenants


A Colorado-based workspace management software company has launched an insurance brokerage for operators, members and tenants of coworking and flexible spaces.

The new agency, Proximity Protect, offers insurance policies across the country through approved insurers to the 100,000 members of the Proximity network.

The agency is launched by Proximity Space Inc., which provides operating technology to flexible workspaces that rent offices, offices, meeting rooms and event spaces. The platform allows companies to book workspaces, including private offices, dedicated offices and conference rooms.

As much of the nation’s workforce prepares to return to their offices, the company says demand for flexible workspace is expected to increase among employers who want to enable flexible, remote working at home. long term.

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“The two themes I hear repeatedly from businesses across the country are safety and security,” said Josh Freed, CEO of Proximity. “These are obstacles that everyone will have to face when the country returns to work. It has become clear that there is a need for experts and solutions in the field of risk mitigation and management in flexible industry. “

Freed said the insurance agency aims to provide large-scale insurance and risk management to operators and members of spaces in its network. “There is no reason for spaces to continue to take risks for most or all of their members,” he said.

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The Proximity Protect platform allows space owners and managers to designate the types of memberships needed to purchase insurance and to automatically collect, track and manage member insurance policies and certificates.

Currently available policies include ownership, general liability, workers compensation, employment practices liability, and cyber liability. Coverage is available for coworking and flexible spaces, as well as businesses that operate in these shared workspaces.

Proximity Protect promises to help space owners take a holistic approach to risk management and provides access to insurance programs that address specific risks associated with operating in a flexible workspace environment.

Last year, Proximity hired a risk management professional, David Young, who has 30 years of commercial insurance experience developing tailor-made programs for large groups and Fortune 500 companies.

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“Our goal is to educate the entire insurance industry on the coworking and flex industry,” says Young, who is president of Proximity Protect. “The insurance industry can be slow to innovate, which simply results in declining risks or inadequate coverage provided to the space operator. We are here to defend the industry and provide innovative solutions that so far no one has succeeded in delivering.

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