Flight secrets that are never revealed to passengers


Did you know that an airplane’s black box does not have the shape of a box? Many people are familiar with the function of the black box in each flight, but its name and design are rather contradictory.

Although the features have changed over time, the name has stuck with the device since its invention in Australia in the 1950s when it was painted black and shaped like a box.

The experts then realized that in the event of a disaster, the aircraft was very difficult to recover from the wreckage. Today many are painted orange or yellow and are cylindrical in shape. Its official name is a flight recorder.

An image of a flight recorder also known as a black box


What happens when you flush the toilet on an airplane?

There are many myths about how planes dispose of human waste during a flight, one of the most scandalous being that waste is thrown in mid-flight.

As you can imagine, toilets on airplanes do not use a flush system due to poor fluid dynamics which can lead to a spill.

When you flush the toilet on an airplane, a vacuum system is used to remove waste at a very high speed, and a little blue liquid disinfects the bowl right after.

The contents are stored in a large tank at the back of the aircraft and upon landing a special type of heightener is used to empty the tank in preparation for another flight.

A photo of a toilet inside an airplane

A photo of a toilet inside an airplane

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Reason planes prefer blue seats

If you travel by air a lot, you will notice that many airlines prefer to use the color blue for the seats or interior decoration.

The choice is designed to enhance the passenger flight experience. How? ‘Or’ What? You might ask.

The color blue is associated with freshness, serenity and cleanliness which is why hospitals also prefer color.

“It’s about making the travel experience less stressful and blue is said to evoke a feeling of calm. While some of the more budget airlines may use bolder and more daring shades, most of the others use muted tones.

“The overarching goal is to create a relaxed home-like atmosphere, so airlines tend to use soft colors that appear domestic, natural and earthy for this reason,” says Nigel Goode, a designer of chief aviation.

How are planes protected from lightning strikes?

Light bolts are known to be scary and disastrous, and flying during a storm could be frightening for passengers on an airplane.

There is no reason to be afraid since the last time an accident was attributed to a lightning strike was in the 1960s.

Modern airplanes are protected from the harmful effects of lightning strikes. Designers and manufacturers make airplanes in such a way that whenever lightning strikes the sharp edge of an airplane, current comes out of the tail.

The fuselage (cabin) is made of a thick composite material which cannot allow loads to pass into the chamber.

The electrical parts and components of an aircraft are also well grounded to prevent damage that could threaten the safety of an aircraft.

Round windows are used instead of square / rectangle

The rounded windows of an airplane are not just an oblivious design choice although they are very aesthetic.

Until the 1950s, airplanes used square windows, but a series of accidents showed the corners of square windows to be a design flaw.

Crash reports have shown that due to the sharp angles, the metal surrounding the glass exerts two to three times more pressure on the fuselage than elsewhere.

The rounded edges help distribute the pressure and prevent the aircraft from disintegrating in mid-flight.

President Uhuru Kenyatta on a plane

President Uhuru Kenyatta on a plane

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