Florida judge fines Trump, lawyer for ‘frivolous’ lawsuit


NEW YORK (TBEN) — A Florida judge on Thursday sanctioned former President Donald Trump and one of his lawyers, ordering them to pay nearly $1 million for filing what it says was a bogus lawsuit against Trump rival Hillary Clinton from 2016 and others.

“Here we are faced with a lawsuit that should never have been brought, which was utterly frivolous, both factually and legally, and was brought in bad faith for an improper purpose,” he wrote.

“He is the mastermind behind strategic abuse of the judicial process,” he wrote.

According to the ruling, Trump and his attorney, Alina Habba, were ordered to pay nearly $938,000 to the defendants in the case.

A spokesperson for Trump and Habba did not immediately respond to requests for comment late Thursday.

The lawsuit had named as defendants Clinton and some of her top advisers, as well as former FBI Director James Comey and other FBI officials involved in the investigation into whether Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign coordinated with Russia to control the outcome of the influence the elections.

He then said the suit contained “glaring structural flaws” and that many of the “characterizations of events are implausible”.