Forces fought with 750 trained Maoists, killed around 30, says CRPF chief


The forces fought with 750 trained Maoists, killed around 30, says the head of the CRPF. (DEPOSIT)

New Delhi:

Central Reserve Police (CRPF) Director General Kuldiep Singh said on Tuesday that security forces fought with 700 to 750 most trained Maoists, broke the ambush and neutralized more than 28 to 30 Maoists, securing weapons and rescued injured jaws.

He also said that there were absolutely no gaps on the coordination, intelligence, operations, reinforcement or rescue side.

Speaking to ANI, Mr Singh said: “We have had reports that there was a strong presence of Naxals in a village in Bijapur. We planned a joint operation of the Cobra Battalion, DRG, Bastariya battalion and STF Chattisgarh There were a total of 450 people in the operation, ”said DG.

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“It was a search and destroy operation. Forces surrendered to the area on April 3 and searched the area in the early morning light. When they returned after the search, Naxals, who had ambushed, began shooting at random at security. forces using the Barrel Grenade Launcher (UBGL) and a large number of light machine guns (LMG) and other automatic weapons. There were around 700-750 Naxals with whom the forces fought and broke their ambush, ”the CEO said.

Asked about any intelligence failures and the lack of leadership in the operation, Singh said, “There has been no intelligence failure. There is absolutely no disruption in any part of the coordination, intelligence, operations, reinforcement or rescue. Commander-level officers were there. The strategy was set. The forces broke the ambush and kept the wounded at the same time. They marched 8 to 9 kilometers while neutralizing the Naxals. Subsequently, the Naxals took protection in the houses of the village. “the DG also said that the Maoists said that 28 Maoists died in the operation, but as they do not reveal the actual number of victims , it would be more than that. Although DG said the helicopter needed certain conditions to land, which allowed it to land after a while.

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Asked about the missing jawan allegedly kidnapped by Maoists, the CEO said: “A jawan Rakeshwar Singh Manhas is still missing. Rumors say he is in captivity in Naxals. We are currently checking the information and planning an operation in this regard. “

22 security personnel lost their lives and 31 were injured in a meeting that erupted between security forces and the Naxals on Saturday along the Sukma-Bijapur border after a group of jawans were taken ambushed by Maoists near the village of Jonnaguda.

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