Former Democrat councilor to serve jail time for child pornography


A former Democrat councilor from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania, was sentenced Monday to 14 to 30 months in prison for child pornography.

Brad Koplinski, 53, recently pleaded guilty to all 15 offenses of child pornography possession in June, WHTM reported.

In addition to his sentence, he will also serve five years of probation and register as a sex offender for 15 years, according to the Dauphin County District Attorney’s Office via TBEN 43.

In September 2020, detectives discovered that Koplopski had uploaded child pornography to the internet 36 times using a laptop and a USB stick and later determined that he had done so at least 44 times, according to PennLive.

He also admitted to introducing pornography to other men and that he would watch child pornographic content with groups of men.

The 53-year-old and his defense team hoped he would receive a lesser sentence, including serving a prison sentence in the county. However, the prosecution’s team argued that he should serve a time in state prison, which the judge ultimately agreed.

Koplisnksi had been in therapy since his arrest and expressed regret for his actions during the hearing.

“Humiliation is not a negative term. It’s a return to humility,” the judge told Koplisnki before his sentencing. “You have undergone humiliation and laid the foundation for recovery.”

In addition to serving as a Harrisburg councilor for eight years before losing reelection in 2015, Koplinski ran for Democrat for the 2014 lieutenant governor race in Pennsylvania, but did not win the primary.

He also ran a failed campaign for the Dauphin County Clerk of Courts in 2019 as the Democrat nominee.

Koplinski had previously been arrested for stealing a press pass and entering the 2016 Democratic Party National Convention in Philadelphia. He was also arrested that year for driving without a license.

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