Former Kansas City detective paid to protect sex traffickers, FBI say


A former Kansas homicide detective brutally conspired with three men to help run a sex trafficking operation involving underage girls, prosecutors allege in a federal grand jury indictment unsealed Monday.

Roger Golubski, a retired 35-year veteran of the Kansas City Police Department, used his position to protect the operation from police investigations, according to the triple indictment filed in U.S. District Court in Topeka.

Three other men – Cecil Brooks, LeMark Roberson and Richard Robinson, are also named in the indictment as co-defendants.

Golubski’s attorney Chris Joseph said in an emailed statement: “Roger maintains his innocence and looks forward to clearing his name of these decades-old and unconfirmed allegations.”

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Kansas Detective Roger Golubski Arrested: Allegations that the officer raped women had been circulating for decades. His arrest brought little relief.

Golubski, 69, retired from the KCPD in 2010 and earned a full pension, then worked for another nearby police station until 2016.

In September, he was charged with sexually assaulting a woman and a teenage girl in connection with incidents two decades ago “while acting within the law” to commit the assaults, the charges continue.

Golubski pleaded not guilty to six federal civil rights charges in that case.