Former Netflix executive living in France faces US arrest warrant


Former Netflix executive living in France got a US arrest warrant after his wife accused him of raping her on Martha’s Vineyard during a bitter divorce battle – where he won custody of the children

  • Diego Bunuel, 46, has an active Massachusetts arrest warrant for the allegations
  • He is the former head of documentaries at Netflix and now lives in France
  • His wife Maggie Kim accuses him of raping her during their nasty divorce battle
  • One of the alleged assaults happened on Martha’s Vineyard, Kim claims in court

A former Netflix executive was charged with rape by his wife and issued an arrest warrant against him.

Diego Bunuel, 46, lives in France and has an active US arrest warrant in Massachusetts for allegedly raping his wife Maggie Kim three times in 2017, including once in Martha’s Vineyard, according to the New York Post.

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Bunuel is the former head of European documentaries for Netflix and is now the head of programming for the French public channel France Télévisions. He was born in France and is the grandson of filmmaker Luis Bunuel.

Bunuel’s wife Maggie Kim is seen with him at a film premiere in 2016. She accuses him of raping her three times in 2017 after filing for divorce in France

Kim, 48, alleges in court documents that Bunuel raped her 10 days after surreptitiously filing for divorce in France in 2017.

The couple married in 2007 in Costa Rica and are still not legally divorced.

Bunuel has custody of their two children in France and Kim seeks to force their return to the United States.

Details of the alleged sexual assaults were not immediately clear, but Kim claimed in civil court documents that she suffered “grazes and bruises to her neck and body.”

“In addition, the Complainant suffered from mental and emotional anguish, nervousness, increased heart rate, shortness of breath and increased blood pressure, some or all of which are likely to be permanent nature, “the civil suit said, according to the Post.

‘Due to the willful and / or malicious conduct of the Defendant, the Plaintiff has been and will be unable to engage in personal and family, leisure and social activities as she did prior to the incidents, all of which have and will be cause her downfall, ”Kim said in her complaint.

Bunuel won custody of the couple’s children in a French court, and a Massachusetts judge dismissed Kim’s civil action in April, ruling that a French court should look into the alleged rape at Martha’s Vineyard.

Kim now splits her time between Los Angeles and France so she can visit her children, her lawyer told The Post.

Bunuel joined Netflix in 2018 as head of original documentaries for the EMEA region and left the company in December 2019, apparently because he wanted to move to Paris full time.

France does not extradite its own citizens for alleged crimes committed in other countries.