Former Texas trooper found guilty of assaulting 2 women


HOUSTON (TBEN) — A former Texas soldier was found guilty of assaulting two women while on duty in the Houston area in 2020, federal prosecutors said.

Prosecutors said Friday that a jury found that Lee Ray Boykin Jr., 33, deprived two separate victims of their right to physical integrity while acting in his capacity as a Texas Department of Public Safety trooper by committing aggravated sexual abuse in one case. committing and in one case kidnapping. the other.

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U.S. Attorney Alamdar S. Hamdani said in a press release that Boykin “used his authority to stalk and stalk his victims for his own sexual gratification.”

Boykin faces life in federal prison if convicted in April. Prosecutors said he is in custody and will remain so pending sentencing.

Boykin was also found guilty of two counts of destruction, alteration or falsification of documents.

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Prosecutors said a victim said at trial that Boykin drove her to a remote parking lot after ordering her to get out of her boyfriend’s car after a traffic stop. She said Boykin then falsely accused her of being a prostitute, threatened to take her to jail, and forced her to perform oral sex on him before telling her to run away as he put his hand on his gun.

The second victim testified that Boykin falsely told her she had outstanding traffic warrants and then ordered her out of her boyfriend’s car and drove her to the same parking lot, prosecutors said. He was charged in a criminal charge with demanding oral sex, which she did to investigators because she was afraid.

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Prosecutors said Boykin tried to get her back into his vehicle days later, but she was able to escape.