Former top fundraiser Obama pleads guilty to embezzlement


The ex-executive director of a closed-end Los Angeles anti-poverty nonprofit and a well-known Democratic fundraiser pleaded guilty Tuesday to embezzling money from the nonprofit, which received federal funding, prosecutors announced.

Prosecutors charged Howard Dixon Slingerland with embezzling and embezzling thousands of dollars from the federally funded Youth Policy Institute, which provided education, vocational training and other services to reduce youth poverty in Los Angeles.

Slingerland spent about $71,000 of the organization’s money on lavish dinners and other personal expenses.

He pleaded guilty to one count of “conversion and willful misuse of funds from an organization that receives federal money,” and one count of lying on tax returns.

The organization received more than $281 million in federal grants from 2009 to 2019, the year Slingerland was ousted as executive director, a position he had held since 1996. The nonprofit closed in 2019. Federal grants made up the bulk of its funding from the Youth Policy Institute. under the settlement agreement.

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