‘Fortnite’ Season 5, Week 7 challenges leaked online


We went well halfway Fortnite fifth season of Chapter 2, although it looks like we may have several extra weeks after the end of the 10 regular seasons of challenges.

The Week 7 challenges were leaked online thanks to dataminers who checked out patch v15.20, which includes new weapons, LTMs, and the Secret Skin and Predator challenges.

This week’s challenges will launch tomorrow and are for the most part pretty basic, although there is at least one that is quite interesting.

Here they are:

  • Visit houses in Slurpy Swamp in a single match (2)
  • Collect books on Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands (5)
  • Consume shield potions (3)
  • Destroy Slurp Barrels (ten)
  • Search for chests in Slurpy Swamp (seven)
  • Earn Max Shields in a single match (1)
  • Eliminations with Zero Shield (1)

Collecting books from Holly Hedges and Sweaty Sands is a first as far as I know. We’ve found sheet music in the past, but I’m not sure we’ve ever been tasked with finding books. Too bad we are not also responsible for delivering them somewhere. And where are the libraries in this game?

The legendary challenge for week 7 is:

  • Damage to opponents in vehicles (500,1000,1,500,2,000,2,500)

This earns you 55,000 XP instead of the 20,000 XP typical of weekly “Epic” challenges. It shouldn’t be too difficult to complete.

Either way, these challenges will go live tomorrow at 9 a.m.ET. See you there, young Padawans.



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