“ Fortnite ” V15.20 patch notes: where to find Dualies Hop Rock, unvaulted weapons and more


It’s been a hot second since we got an update here in Fortnite, but there were other things going on: Christmas, New Years, an uprising, and so on. Even so, the world continues to turn, and Fortnite updates. We got version 15.20 today, which brings us the arrival of the Predator, weapon changes and other new features. As it sometimes happens, we don’t have any official patch notes on this one, but the community has been doing their best to tinker with what’s going on.

The big update appears to be new weapons, including these exotic ‘Hop Rock Dualies’, neon twin guns that also grant the anti-gravity effects of Hoppy Rocks, giving the player the ability to jump high and rain down. double death on their enemies. Here’s a little video showing you where to find them:

On top of that, we have a new lever action shotgun, which has a slightly old-fashioned feel to the west. We also get the Legendary and Rare Unvaulted Tactical Assault Rifles and a Rare Snow Flopper:

According to Fortnite Intel, changes have also been made to the pre-edits, which means that versions cannot be changed until you put them in place.

These are the great things, but there are, of course, a ton of bugfixes and the like. Epic posts them on their Trello board, so you can check them out.

We also had the arrival of the Predator, which looks like the secret skin of the season. It’s not yet available, but we have the first three challenges of what seems like a small plot: His pod has arrived in the jungle to the north, and it looks like we’ll be preparing to fight him alongside him. some of the NPCs that now offer quest dialogues.

Most of all, I love these duels, although I’m nowhere near good enough to enjoy the kind of mobility they had to offer: I was terrible with the hop rocks a long time ago, and I’m terrible with the hop rocks now. They are however quite weird and I always like when Fortnite leans towards the strange.


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