Founders Charles & Keith lunch with teen S’pore, 17, shamed on TikTok for calling brand ‘luxury’


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The 17-year-old girl in Singapore, who was shamed on TikTok for calling Charles & Keith a “luxury” brand, has been invited to meet with the founders of the footwear, bags and accessories company.

The teen, known on TikTok as “Zohtaco”, was insulted by others on the platform after she posted a video on Jan. 8 showing her tagging a Charles & Keith bag, which she received as a gift from her father as a luxury item.

Those who reacted negatively to the teen, who has been publicly identified as Zoe, said Charles & Keith was not a luxury brand and ridiculed her for even thinking it was.

Zoe then shut down her haters by explaining her financial situation, explaining that she is not from a privileged background, and that a Charles & Keith bag can be considered a branded item for her and her family.

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Her follow-up videos in the wake of the trolling and negativity have garnered much praise and support in Singapore and abroad as she reportedly showed grace and maturity over her years in dealing with the accidental publicity.

Lunch with Charles and Keith

Zoe and her father have been invited by the company to lunch and meet the founders, as well as to visit its headquarters, a spokesperson for Charles and Keith said. Marketing interactive reported.

“Our hearts really went out to Zoe when we saw the videos and comments — there’s no place for bullying… values ​​that really appealed to us,” the spokesperson said.

Mothership has separately contacted Charles and Keith for comment.

Zoe shares more about her experience

In response to Mothership‘s questions, Zoe said her family has been living in Singapore for almost 13 years now.

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Her father moved here in 2009 and she and her siblings followed the following year.

“We feel truly blessed to be able to live in such a beautiful city-state and love every part of it,” she said, “especially the food!”

Zoe said she was shocked when her video initially went viral because she didn’t expect it to attract so much attention.

“Now I feel blessed that it happened, because of all the lessons it taught me,” she shared.

Zoe explained that her experience also taught her that she was not alone:

“I’ve learned so much from the people in my comment section… I’ve learned that even though we have different life experiences, there will always be someone who will understand. You’re not alone. From everyone who left words of encouragement (and the haters ), I have been reminded of the infinite power of words. I am eternally grateful to them all.”

When asked what she took away from this whole experience, Zoe said it reminded her that everyone’s financial circumstances and life experience differ:

“Sometimes it’s hard to remember that value is subjective and our perspectives don’t always align – but I believe we should always strive for compassion and understanding, and to be an example of kindness and love, where we also be in life.”

Another brand comes in

And it wasn’t just Charles and Keith who reached out to Zoe.

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Local ramen chain Takagi Ramen offered the teen a S$80 voucher.

Zoe accepted the offer and took her father and her brother to the diner for a meal.

@zohtaco thanks takagi ramen for the treat! eternally grateful <33 AND HAPPY 14K FOLLOWERS :0!! WOAAAH♬ Paris - Taylor Swift

Top photo via TikTok/Zohtaco