Four arrests after largest heroin seizure ever in Germany


BERLIN, Sept. 9 (Reuters) – Four people were detained after police made their largest-ever heroin seizure in Germany, prosecutors said Friday, with police confiscating about 700 kilograms as part of an operation against a gang that used narcotics smuggled resources out of Iran.

The drugs were seized in the port city of Hamburg at the end of August. The arrests were made Thursday night, when police searched ten properties in the eastern cities of Dresden and Chemnitz, in Hamburg and in the Netherlands.

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They seized documents, laptops, storage devices, smartphones and vehicles.

Those arrested included an unnamed 40-year-old Turkish-Serb suspected leader, a 35-year-old Iranian living in the Netherlands, a 54-year-old German suspected of using his company’s logistics fleet to transport drugs, and a 53-year-old year old Turkish intermediary.

One was detained in Germany, one in Spain and two others in the Netherlands. Prosecutors demand the extradition of the three arrested abroad, while a court in Dresden is to decide on Friday whether the person detained in Germany should be detained. (Reporting by Thomas Escritt; editing by Matthias Williams)

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