Four countries are urging the EU to set a date for new trucks that emit CO2

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Comparing Best Insurance Companies The Bharat Express News

The Netherlands, Belgium, Denmark and Luxembourg have urged the European Union to set a date by which new trucks and buses sold in Europe must be carbon neutral.

The European Commission will propose stricter CO2 standards for heavy trucks next month to meet the bloc’s climate targets.

It has already set more ambitious targets for cars, including a 2035 TBEN for all new cars sold in Europe to be zero-carbon.

Next month’s EU proposal should include a 100% zero-emissions target for heavy-duty vehicles, the four countries said. They did not specify a target date, but said it should meet the EU’s target of zero net greenhouse gas emissions across the economy by 2050.

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“The upcoming review of CO2 standards for heavy-duty vehicles (heavy duty vehicles) presents a unique opportunity to send a strong signal to the market and drive a timely transition,” the countries said in a joint document published Friday. .

The four countries also called for a stronger 2030 emissions target for trucks and buses, adding that CO2 limits should be expanded to cover more trucks on the road, as around 35% of the sector’s emissions are not within existing EU CO2 standards.

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Transport is responsible for nearly a quarter of EU emissions and has broken the EU’s overall trend of falling CO2 emissions over the past three decades, surpassing its target of reducing the bloc’s net emissions by 55% by 2030 compared to 1990 levels.

Due to the growing demand for freight transport, CO2 emissions from heavy-duty vehicles rose every year from 2014 until the COVID-19 pandemic caused a temporary reduction in 2020, according to the EU environment agency.

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Next month’s proposal replaces the bloc’s current requirement for manufacturers to ensure their new truck fleets emit 30% less CO2 by 2030 than they did in 2019-2020 – a goal designed to move the industry towards electric or hydrogen engines in instead of fossil fuels.

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