France expresses gratitude for India’s support amid allegations about Emmanuel Macron pursuing anti-Islam agenda


India strongly condemned the personal attacks and abuses of French President Emmanuel Macron. The Foreign Ministry, in a statement, criticized the use of abuses by the Turkish president and Pakistani prime minister Imran Khan against the French president.

The release says personal macro attacks and the use of abusive words cannot be tolerated. It is contrary to the dignity of international dialogue. In addition, the French Ambassador to India, Emmanuel Lenan, expressed his gratitude to India for its solidarity with President Emmanuel Macron. The French ambassador said in a tweet that thanks to India. France and India can always count on each other in the fight against terrorism.

Meanwhile, there was an uproar between French satirical magazine Sharley Abdo and Turkish President Rajab Tayyab Erdogan. The magazine on Wednesday published a cartoon of Erdogan on its cover page, in which the Turkish president drinks alcohol in slow motion. He is seen behaving indecently with a woman with burqa stripes.

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Reacting to that magazine’s cartoon, Erdogan said he was not complaining that his cartoon was made. However, Muslim society cannot tolerate derogatory remarks about Prophet Hazrat Mohammed.

All this uproar started when a teacher was strangled to death in the Paris area on October 16. After that, the French president strongly condemned it, calling it Islamic terrorism. After that, many Islamic countries spoke out against the French president.

On Thursday, an assailant beheaded a woman with a knife who also killed two other people in a church in the French city of Nice. The mayor of the city is described as a terrorist.

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Mayor Christian Estrosi said on Twitter that the knife attack occurred in or near the city’s Notre Dame Church and that police arrested the attacker.

Police said three people died in the attack and several were injured.

A police source said a woman was beheaded. French politician Marine Le Pen also spoke of beheading during the attack.

France’s anti-terrorism prosecution said it had been asked to investigate the attack.

Reuters journalists at the scene said police armed with automatic weapons had set up a security cordon around the church on Avenue Jean Médecin in Nice, the city’s main shopping thoroughfare. Ambulances and fire service vehicles were also on the scene.

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The attack comes while France is still reeling from the beheading at the beginning of the month of Samuel Paty, professor at the French college, in Paris by a man of Chechen origin.

The attacker had said he wanted to punish Paty for showing students cartoons of the Prophet Muhammad in a civics lesson.

It was not immediately clear what the motive for the Nice attack was or any connection to the cartoons, which Muslims consider blasphemous.

Since Paty’s assassination, French officials – backed by many ordinary citizens – have reaffirmed the right to display the cartoons. The images were widely shown during marches in solidarity with the slain teacher.

It sparked anger in parts of the Muslim world, with some governments accusing French leader Emmanuel Macron of pursuing an anti-Islam agenda.