French farmers find innovative solutions to fight an unexpected cold spell


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As France experiences an unexpected cold spell, farmers scramble to save their crops and are forced to find inventive solutions to the deadly frost.

There are fears that late frosts across France have caused damage to vineyards, orchards and crops, with growers attempting to counter the sudden drop in temperatures with a wide range of protections including candles, water jets and even helicopters.

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A farmer sprinkled his apple orchard with water to protect it from frost damage. “It’s simple: water produces this gel as it freezes. And that releases calories, which are digested inside the ice and apple blossom. It is less cold inside. ice, like an Eskimo in an igloo, than outside, ”he explained.

Another Burgundy farmer has lit giant candles in his vines and hopes it doesn’t rain. Some have even resorted to renting helicopters to fly low over their crops to maintain airflow in an effort to save this year’s crop.

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