Frisco ISD passes new policy requiring students to use bathrooms that match their biological sex


FRISCO, Texas (TBEN) — At Frisco ISD’s school board meeting Monday night, the trustees unanimously passed a new restroom policy.

It requires students to use bathrooms that match their biological sex, to the extent permitted by law. It does not prohibit the district from providing reasonable accommodations, such as private bathrooms, upon request.

Before the vote, the parents of both sides weighed in.

“They just need to be able to use the bathroom,” said elder Ellie Patel. “They don’t need to be shuffled to a separate single stall. I’m just for everyone having equal rights and I don’t think separate is good enough.”

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“Every child has intrinsic value,” said another parent. “This song isn’t about that. It’s about biological boys and girls entering spaces where they shouldn’t.”

Several civil rights organizations, including the ACLU Texas and the Human Rights Campaign, have sent a letter to Frisco ISD, saying in part:

“The proposed CS (Local) begins with the words” To the fullest extent permitted by law.

The words “biological sex” are not defined in this policy, nor are they defined in any Texas federal or state statute.

“I went through a similar situation myself when I went to high school, even college, and unfortunately it affected my mental health,” said Stacey Monroe. “It drove me to commit suicide.”

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Monroe, a transgender woman, attended Monday’s rally to act as an advocate for transgender students.

“They need to focus on their school,” she said. “They need to focus on being a kid.”

The school board also voted for updates to its policy outlining the review process for the district’s disputed library materials.

The proposal provides for a secondary accelerated review prior to the formal review process. It would also create an application process and a pool of people, including parents, ready to serve on the review committees.

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