From Monday: Basel paralyzes public life for three weeks


(rwa) “These are tough and onerous restrictions,” Basel health director Lukas Engelberger told the media on Friday. Much has already been done and many people are making efforts. However, looking at the latest figures, Engelberger said: “But that’s not enough.” Contrary to the national trend, the number of new infections in Basel-City continues to increase.

With the new measures, the government council wants to break the trend of increasing number of cases before Christmas and prevent hospitals from becoming overloaded. The strictest rules apply from next Monday to December 13.

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Specifically, restaurants and bars must close. This does not apply to canteens, street kitchens, restaurants and delivery services connected to hotels. Gyms, indoor swimming pools, dance studios, fitness centers, ice sports facilities and the interiors of other sports facilities also remain closed. The same goes for gambling halls, casinos and sex shops.



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