Frustrated lectures of Cape Breton University students stay in cinema for up to 3 years | TBEN news


Some post-baccalaureate students at Cape Breton University are frustrated that their classes remain at the Cineplex location in Sydney, NS, about nine miles from the university campus.

University officials say the situation is temporary, but it could take up to three years to build a location on campus.

This is not welcome news for some.

Amandip Bhooi left her family back home in India to study at CBU and get her post-baccalaureate degree in business management.

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Bhooi looked up photos of the college campus online before moving to Glace Bay, NS

She hadn’t expected to attend her lectures in a movie theater.

“I almost packed my bags and I had been back to India many times, believe me,” she said.

Amandip Bhooi says she would never have attended Cape Breton University had she known her classes would be held in a cinema. (Emily Latimer/TBEN)

Three of Bhooi’s four classes are at the cinema, adding an extra 30 minutes to her bus journey from Glace Bay. She chose the location because of its proximity to the university campus.

“If I had known, I wouldn’t have come here,” she said.

Bhooi said the theater environment is not conducive to learning.

She wants to go to the library between classes, but the bus schedule doesn’t leave enough time to commute.

“That’s the hardest part for me because it’s a business management course,” she said. “Most studies are based on research. It’s really frustrating.”

Students have doubts about enrolment

For some students, the fact that classes are held in the cinema is further evidence that university has no place for them.

Mansi Shah thinks the university has admitted more international students than it can adequately serve.

Of the 5,901 students enrolled this fall, 3,982 are international students, according to the university.

Both students are frustrated that they pay campus fees but are rarely on campus.

“We can’t get any of the services they provide to us on campus,” Shah said.

Bhooi said the campus has benefits that the theater does not, such as drinking fountains and quiet study areas.

Students wait in the lobby of the Cineplex theater in Sydney, NS A student says the environment is not conducive to learning. (Emily Latimer/TBEN)

Some of Shah’s friends try to commute between Cineplex and the college campus.

“They’re literally losing it because it’s going to be really hard for them to jump two places in a day,” said Shah. “CBU is not that close. We can’t just walk.”

A university spokesperson declined an interview request and sent a written statement.

“We are committed to providing the same exceptional student experience at this location as we do on campus,” CBU spokesperson Lenore Parsley wrote in an email.


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