Fuel prices have increased nine times this month; Gasoline crosses 100 rupees / liter mark in several cities


Gasoline prices have exceeded Rs. 100 per liter in parts of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra.

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Rajasthan levies the highest gasoline VAT in the country, followed by Madhya Pradesh.

Gasoline and diesel prices hit all-time highs on Sunday, with domestic fuel prices rising by £ 24 per liter and £ 27 per liter respectively. The National Petroleum Marketing Companies (WTO) have raised fuel prices nine times since May 4, making gasoline and diesel more expensive by ₹ 2.18 per liter and ₹ 2.49 per liter respectively. In the nation’s capital, the price of the two car fuels on Sunday was ₹ 92.58 per liter and ₹ 83.22 per liter, respectively. Among all the metros, Mumbai has the highest fuel rates as retail gasoline and diesel at ₹ 98.88 per liter and ₹ 90.40 per liter, respectively.

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Gasoline and diesel prices hit all-time highs across the country

Gasoline prices above ₹ 100 per liter in these cities on May 16, 2021:

City Gasoline Diesel
Sri Ganganagar ₹ 103.52 ₹ 95.99
Anuppur ₹ 103.21 ₹ 93.98
Ratnagiri ₹ 100.24 ₹ 90.35
Parbhani ₹ 101.25 ₹ 91.30
Aurangabad ₹ 100.11 ₹ 91.64
Indore ₹ 100.70 ₹ 91.69
Bhopal ₹ 100.63 ₹ 91.59
Gwalior ₹ 100.59 ₹ 91.56
Jaisalmer ₹ 101.52 € 94.17
Banswara ₹ 100.46 ₹ 93.19
Rewa ₹ 102.85 ₹ 93.65

Gasoline prices have passed the ₹ 100 per liter mark in parts of Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. In Rajasthan’s Sri Ganganagar, fuel prices are the highest in the country, with gasoline priced at ₹ 103.52 per liter, while diesel was priced at ₹ 95.99 per liter. Gasoline prices have marked a century in other cities like Ratnagiri, Parbhari, Aurangabad, Indore, Bhopal, Gwalior, Jaisalmer and Banswara. Note that Rajasthan charges the highest VAT on gasoline in the country, followed by Madhya Pradesh.

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In Jaipur, gasoline exceeded ₹ 99 per liter as prices rose 22 paise to ₹ 99.02 per liter. Diesel prices also climbed to ₹ 91.86 per liter, up 29 paise. In Navi Mumbai and Thane, gasoline prices are approaching ₹ 100 per liter. Buyers in these cities will have to pay ₹ 99.02 per liter and ₹ 99 per liter for gasoline, while diesel costs ₹ 90.54 per liter and ₹ 90.52 per liter, respectively. Gasoline prices in Kolhapur and Nashik are just one rupee under ₹ 100 per liter, retail at ₹ 99.02 per liter and ₹ 99.27 per liter, respectively.


Petrol sells for over ₹ 103 per liter in Sri Ganganagar and Anuppur

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Fuel prices differ from state to state depending on the incidence of local taxes such as value added tax (VAT). Automotive fuel taxes and fluctuations in global oil prices are two key factors in rising gasoline and diesel prices. Hindustan Petroleum Corporation, Bharat Petroleum Corporation and Indian Oil Corporation are the three major oil marketing companies in the country that review fuel prices on a daily basis.

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