Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II: How the Royal Family Will Say Goodbye to the Former Monarch


When Britain entered a time of national mourning and the reign of King Charles IIIQueen Elizabeth II’s death set in motion a well-organized sequence of ceremonial and legal formalities.

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The Queen’s final trip to London and the state funeral are covered by a well-developed 10-day plan, codenamed Operation London Bridge.

Here’s a glimpse of what’s to come in the coming days:

Sunday 11 September

  • Six gamekeepers from the estate carried the Queen’s oak coffin from Scotland’s Balmoral Castle to an entourage of seven vehicles. Then it was carefully driven to Edinburgh, through rural Scottish towns and villages.
  • During the journey, people paid their respects by gathering in large numbers in Edinburgh and along country roads. The Scottish capital’s Palace of Holyroodhouse is where it spends the night.
  • Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland all recognized Charles as their new monarch.
  • The new king welcomed ambassadors from the 14 other Commonwealth countries where he is king at a reception in London.

Monday 12 Sept.

  • During their visit to Parliament, the House of Commons and the House of Lords offer their condolences to King Charles II and Camilla, the Queen Consort.
  • The royal couple then takes a flight to Edinburgh, where they attend the Queen’s memorial ceremony, visit the Scottish Parliament and meet top government leaders.
  • The King’s and Queen’s consort will accompany the Queen’s casket as it is transported to Edinburgh’s St Giles Cathedral, where it will remain for 24 hours, allowing people to pay their respects. At night, members of the royal family watch around the coffin.

Tuesday 13 Sept.

  • A hearse carries the Queen’s coffin to Edinburgh airport. The Royal Air Force will fly it to London and deliver it to Buckingham Palace.
  • The King and Camilla travel to Northern Ireland where they will meet religious and political figures and participate in a memorial ceremony at St Anne’s Cathedral.

Wednesday 14 September

  • The king and other members of the royal family follow the coach with the coffin from Buckingham Palace to Parliament.
  • It is located in the historic Westminster Hall of Parliament, where the Archbishop of Canterbury leads a short service. Then, for the next four days, until the morning of her funeral, the queen would be in state. The general public will be able to offer their condolences and soldiers will be on watch 24 hours a day.

Friday Sept 16.

  • The King and Queen’s consort will visit Wales.

Monday Sept 19.

  • For a state funeral commencing at 11am, the Queen’s coffin is transported from Westminster Hall to neighboring Westminster Abbey. International leaders and dignitaries are expected to attend.
  • The funeral will end ten days from the national morning and the following day will be a public holiday in the UK

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