Gabrielle Giffords’ group will install a memorial to victims of gun violence on the National Mall.


In recent years, parts of the National Mall in Washington have been used to temporarily commemorate fallen US soldiers and those who died from the coronavirus. Next week, a square block will be cordoned off to recognize the estimated 40,000 Americans who die in gun violence each year.

The gun violence prevention organization led by former Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords, seriously injured in a mass shooting in 2011, will place 38,000 white silk roses in 4,000 vases in front of the Capitol.

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The installation, which is expected to occupy the square block of the National Mall lawn between Third and Fourth Streets, is designed by Doug Landry, a longtime Democratic advance man who created the coronavirus memorial that was on display during the inauguration of President Biden. Ms Giffords is expected to visit the site on Wednesday with a delegation of lawyers and members of Congress. It will be open to the public next Thursday.

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“Our installation is a poignant reminder of the tragedy and trauma that gun violence inflicts on our nation,” said Peter Ambler, executive director of the Giffords organization. “Every flower confronts us with the human cost of political failure – tens of thousands of people who are not here to pursue their hopes and dreams, families and communities ravaged by the worst losses. We will gather at the Gun Violence Memorial to mourn the victims of gun violence and inspire the courage to act to combat this national nightmare.

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