Gasoline and diesel prices rose in metropolitan cities for a third day in a row


The prices of petrol and diesel in Delhi were increased by 8 paise and 19 paise respectively, which brought the prices to Rs. 81.46 per liter and Rs. 71.07 per liter.

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Delhi gasoline and diesel prices were increased by 8 paise and 19 paise respectively.

National oil marketing companies on Sunday revised fuel prices across the country for the third day in a row. Domestic gasoline prices were increased by 8 paise per liter while diesel prices were increased by 19 paise per liter, according to the notification from the Indian Oil Corporation. This revision of domestic fuel prices comes after the firming of international oil prices broke a nearly two-month hiatus in a price revision. In the nation’s capital, the current price of gasoline is ₹ 81.46 per liter and diesel is ₹ 71.07 per liter.

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Kolkata buyers will now have to pay ₹ 74.64 for a liter of diesel

The WTO began to revise fuel prices from Friday and in just three days the price of gasoline rose 40 paise per liter while diesel prices rose 61 paise per liter. Notably, gasoline prices have remained stagnant since September 22, and diesel prices have remained unchanged since October 2, 2020.

In Mumbai, buyers will now have to pay ₹ 88.16 per liter for gasoline and ₹ 77.54 per liter for diesel. The two car fuels now cost ₹ 83.03 per liter and ₹ 74.64 per liter in Calcutta for gasoline and diesel respectively. Diesel in Chennai sells for ₹ 76.55 per liter, while gasoline is also a marginal hike which has taken the retail cost to ₹ 84.53 per liter. The two petroleum products in Bangalore cost ₹ 84.18 per liter and ₹ 75.34 per liter respectively for gasoline and diesel.


Here are the prices of gasoline and diesel in the five subways as of November 22, 2020:

The 58-day hiatus in the gasoline price review and 48-day standstill on diesel tariffs was prompted by no change in tariffs between June 30 and August 15 and a standstill 85 days between March 17 and June 6. Fuel prices vary from state to state to report due to different rates of local taxes and imposed VAT.


Rates vary state to state depending on the incidence of local sales tax or VAT.

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Bharat Petroleum Corporation, Hindustan Petroleum Corporation and Indian Oil Corporation are the three main oil marketing companies in India. National oil marketing companies review gasoline and diesel prices on a daily basis and make the necessary changes to bring oil prices in line with the global benchmark and the dollar-rupee exchange rate.

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