Gasoline prices may continue to fluctuate, with prices peaking for the year


(TBEN DETROIT) – The cost of crude oil is increasing.

“I feel torn every day. I’m not the only one, ”said Eric Havard of Detroit.

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And the drivers pay the bill.

“The Michigan state average is currently $ 2.82 per gallon for regular unleaded and that’s actually down from the 2021 high we set last Thursday at $ 2.85 per gallon. “said Adrienne Woodlands, spokesperson for AAA Michigan.

Woodlands is told that CW50 / TBEN Detroit refineries in Texas suffered a huge loss during the winter storm and that the recovery is sending back fire to the pump.

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Plus, changes on Wall Street have driven up costs.

“Many states in the Midwest spiked because inventories were lower, so gasoline inventory availability was lower in the Midwest and caused prices to rise,” Woodlands said.

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According to AAA, the average price on the Detroit subway is $ 2.83, the highest recorded price for unleaded gasoline in two years.

“It adds up and if you don’t really pay attention to it monthly, annually, quarterly, whatever, you’re going to be way over budget as far as you know, just simple things like gasoline,” said Kwesi Walker of Detroit. .

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Industry insiders also refer to the changes between winter and summer blends that also contribute to gasoline prices.

“One of the things that we are seeing with crude oil is that we have seen crude oil return to its pre-pandemic prices, which is certainly pushing pump prices up,” Woodlands said.

With warmer weather, more drivers are expected to be on the roads, which will increase demand and costs.

“It’s a little too high, but if you think about it two years ago it was like five dollars, $ 4.80 and stuff like that so $ 2.78 and really that high, but it can be a little lower because I think like last month two months ago it was like $ 1.78 I believe last month. So they can withdraw a dollar. It will save us money and give us more miles to go, ”said Devario Penn of Detroit.

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