Gastrosuisse on the new measures: “Today’s decision is an important step”


(as) The situation in the hospitality industry is still alarming, Platzer told a press conference on Wednesday. The extended lockdown comes at a time which is peak season for many businesses. However, that was to be expected, continued the President of Gastrosuisse. The association welcomes the easing of the regulation of the difficulties: “The Federal Council has heard our appeal, today’s decision is an important step.”

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The solution will help many businesses, which are particularly affected, to cover a significant portion of their fixed costs. “Cantons are now called upon to process requests quickly in order to help businesses,” Platzer continued. It is clear that reopening is only possible when the epidemiological situation allows it. However, this decision must be made on a scientific basis and not because of the “unreliable R-value,” Platzer says. Despite the extended aid, Gastrosuisse wishes to continue to fight for the industry.

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