Introduces Gate Pay, a Leading Crypto Payment Tool

9, one of the first and largest cryptocurrency exchanges in the world, has launched the leading crypto-based payment product Gate Pay, Coin Journal learned from a press release.

The exchange believes crypto will soon be adopted by mass users and become a standard means of payment. The exchange is launching Gate Pay to give the public access to the Web 3.0 lifestyle by serving businesses and individuals with its crypto-based payment solution.

Unlocking the potential of Web3

Gate Pay is a free, highly secure payment technology developed by Traders can start accepting crypto using business-friendly tools, and users can access a more user-friendly way to pay for goods and services in crypto.

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At the moment, the tool supports nearly two dozen cryptocurrencies for payments and plans to add a hundred more in the future.

How it works

Merchants can use the tool by integrating it into their online and stores or by launching on the Gate MiniApp external dApp platform, which is integrated directly into the ecosystem. CEO and Founder Dr. Lin Han said:

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Gate Pay is the next step in our mission to advance crypto adoption. It will reduce the barriers for individuals and traders to fully utilize crypto by bridging the gap between Web 3.0 and everyday life.

Full partner support guaranteed

The exchange provides full support to business partners integrating Gate Pay. The partners will also get additional access to elements of the ecosystem, such as the Gate MiniApp, which already hosts some key Web 3.0 apps. These include, a crypto travel booking service, and Uquid, an online crypto-friendly retailer.

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Up to 11% cashback on payments with Gate

Starting tomorrow, November 8, all those who make purchases on Uquid are eligible to win a $500 gift box. Anyone who pays with the new tool will receive up to 11% cashback.

Going forward, the exchange will continue to develop Gate Pay, with plans to include promotional handouts, C2C transfers, etc.