Gautam Budh Nagar reports 13 cases of dengue in three days, health service on alert


In just three days, Gautam Budh Nagar reported at least 13 cases of dengue, as 11 new cases were added in just two days. Due to the latest developments, Gautam Budh Nagar has been put on alert to prevent the spread of the vector-borne disease.

Many parts of Uttar Pradesh, including Firozabad, have already reported dengue epidemics, with the death toll in the district reaching 62. Of the 13 dengue patients in the district, only one patient is on treatment. district hospital. Meerut has also reported several cases of dengue fever.

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On September 17, Meerut reported 83 active cases with eight new cases in 24 hours, Chief Medical Officer Dr Akhilesh Mohan said. Currently, there are a total of 142 dengue cases in Meerut with 83 active cases. So far, 59 patients have recovered.

The city of Kanpur reported five new cases of dengue on Wednesday. Out of a total of 108 cases, 84 cases were reported in rural areas of the district. The state government is taking all possible measures to control the viral fever outbreak in the state, Uttar Pradesh Minister of Health Jai Pratap Singh informed.

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The district health service is on alert and cleanliness and sanitation campaigns are being carried out throughout the district to prevent mosquito breeding. The health department has also prepared Rapid Response Teams (RRTs) to handle emergencies and beds have been reserved in hospitals.

Meanwhile, the total number of malaria cases in the district stands at 23. The health service is now also monitoring any suspected cases of brush typhus and leptospirosis.

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