“ Genshin Impact ” leaks indicate Rosaria, not Hu Tao, will have a release date in Update 1.4


Fans of Hu Tao in Genshin Impact may have to wait longer than they thought for its release date, and it looks like the pace of constant character releases is finally catching up with MiHoYo.

Until Update 1.3, MiHoYo constantly created pairs of new 5-star characters with a handful of new 4-star sprinkled. But this time around we got a new 5 star, Xiao, and an old 5 star, Keqing.

Now Genshin Impact update 1.4 is apparently going to look the same. According to data analysis through Hu Tao’s main Discord server, Hu Tao will not appear in the first two featured banners in Update 1.4, and may not be in this update at all.

Instead, the two banners are meant to be:

1. Venti, a 5-star anemo arc character, returns to a featured banner for the first time since the game launched in September.

2. A permanent 5 star banner star, just like what we had with Keqing, which could be Mona, Diluc, Jean or Qiqi. But the new Rosaria 4-star cryogenic weapon arm, featured in the Albedo questline, would make its debut there. So this would be our first update without a new 5 star at all.

Some fans are excited to see Venti return as he’s essentially the best crowd control character in the game, and many players may have missed his first banner. But I know many were hoping that Hu Tao would show up for the first Update 1.4 in March here, and that doesn’t seem to be happening, despite the fact that she already has a Friendship Banner in the game.

Rosaria should be interesting, and I’m curious to see what her kit looks like, as she will be the first cryo polearm we have. But 4 stars are almost always less powerful and less sought after than 5 stars, just like the way of gacha.

I think the pace of the content could finally catch up with miHoYo here. Genshin Impact is a relentless sprint of new updates, events, additions, and characters, and it seems like pacing at least two entirely new characters with each update just isn’t possible indefinitely.

This update also contains some sort of Oceanid-based event, where it looks like we can get a mini Oceanid as a pet by the end of it, which is cool. Sorry but I don’t like the Seelies.

More information to come once we find out, and all of that is subject to change, but that appears to be where we are at for now.

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