‘Genshin Impact’ May Offer Free 5-Star Anniversary Reward


The Genshin Impact player base continues to revolt against miHoYo’s refusal to offer meaningful rewards for its one-year anniversary event. While there are a large number of contests and events going on, the rewards offered are paltry, and some are even tied to gacha odds, like the one that will give 90% of players 100,000 Mora and 10% Blessing of the Welkin’s moon, a fair amount of primogems over the course of a month.

Players want more than that and say miHoYo is too stingy, given the absurd amount of revenue Genshin Impact is making. Gacha games are often quite generous with free rewards and at birthday events like this, given the money they make elsewhere, and because they want to keep their player base happy, but Genshin clearly missed the mark here, and is now rated on every social media post for lack of good birthday rewards.

The most common thing that gamers ask for is free heroes for a change which is a free 5 star. The best idea, the one that makes the most sense to me, is this player who says we should give people a free 5 star “base”, the kind you find in the regular pool outside specialized banners:

Jean, Mona, Diluc, Keqing, and Qiqi are the original 5 stars in the game, aside from your hero, and avid gamers may already have a few copies of each. Veterans would get another constellation level on one of them, while new players would get a solid 5 star, but not one stronger than almost all of the new banners coming out, so it’s not A big deal. After a year, I think the player base deserves the choice of a Single new five stars, especially if we’re not talking about any of the limited banners.

Genshin Impact is not at risk of seeing its expenses drop. His release from Baal / Ei / The Raiden Shogun was one of his highest grossing days in its history, and the game continues to grow and increase its revenue. A little goodwill goes a long way, and it’s clear that miHoYo has chosen the wrong path here in terms of birthday rewards.

Generally speaking, miHoYo ends up giving in to pressure from fans, and they’re oddly generous in other areas, with some fans joking that they get more rewards for downtime or game bugs than they do. they are not for this anniversary event.

A free 5 star does not cost them anything, would generate good vibrations in the player base and would not diminish their future income prospects. It is the right decision, and I hope they realize it.

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