George Santos even claimed he was the victim of attempted murder


Rep. George Santos (R-NY), the habitual liar who fabricated much of his work history and personal background before being elected to Congress, claimed in a podcast interview last month that he had been the target of an assassination attempt, that he was robbed in a brutal daytime robbery while walking Fifth Avenue in New York City, and that his Florida home was vandalized due to his political beliefs.

The wild allegations were uncovered Monday by Rachel Maddow, who played a video on her show of an interview the congressman conducted with the Brazilian podcast Radio Novelo Apresenta.

In the translated Dec. 7 clip, Santos claimed the alleged vandalism occurred while he and his husband were at a New Year’s Eve party to usher in 2021.

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“It was vandalized because we were at a Republican party in Florida in December 2020. So that’s all. I’ve seen vandalism,” Santos claimed before switching. “We have already experienced an attempt on my life, an assassination attempt, a threatening letter, needing the police – a police escort standing in front of our house.”

Santos didn’t bother to go into detail about the alleged assassination attempt, something Maddow pointed out during the clip. The MSNBC anchor reached out to his office for comment, but received no response, she added.

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However, Santos described more fully what he believes happened on Fifth Avenue in the summer of 2021.

“I was robbed by two men. Before they asked questions, they weren’t black, they were even white, but they robbed me, took my briefcase, took my shoes and my watch. And that was in broad daylight. It was 3pm when I left my office, went to the garage to get my car, and I was robbed,” he claimed, later adding: “The fear is real. It is surreal what we are experiencing here.”

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The podcast hosts asked Santos for a police report to back up his claims, but have heard nothing, Maddow said, adding that she did the same. She also filed a file request with the NYPD, but has yet to receive a response.


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